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The Victims of Sundarbans

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-How was your project “The Victims of Sundarbans born”?

Olivia Dunlop is an Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Business Woman, Script Writer, Poet (Blank Verse) is her forte.


My team and I have been working for the tiger victim widows and the fatherless children of Sundarbans for the last 8 years and counting. We provide these people with all the necessities of life like food, clothing, shelter, education, rations, drinking water, healthcare and many more day to day materials, also few of the widowed women are self-sufficient now taking care of their families. 

I wanted to make a documentary movie so I have written the original script and its an original story of the tiger victim widows and their children, their lives and livelihood in the villages of Sundarbans where they live in hut houses and go into the dense forest to catch fishes, crabs and collect honey that is when the Royal Bengal Tigers in the forest of Sundarbans attack the humans especially the menfolk who go out into the vast rivers, riverines and backwaters to get food for the family. When the tigers attack the menfolk, the tigers kill them and that’s how over and above 3,500 widows along with children live in the villages of Sundarbans but have no one to take care of them and they too go back to the forest to earn a living. Sundarbans is the largest mangrove forest in the world and protected by the UNESCO World Heritage Site. We are trying to raise awareness through this movie that the only ray of hope for the children of these tiger affected families is EDUCATION and we have constructed an English Medium school to educate these children free of cost. Thus, the title of the documentary movie is “The Victims of Sundarbans”.

-What goal do you dream of achieving?


My dream is to achieve that this documentary movie is on NETFLIX for the viewership of all the people who care to work for society at large and help these tiger victim widows and their children by bringing education free of cost to these children then only they will not enter the forests of Sundarbans.


-Who inspired you to create your project?


I got the inspiration to write their story from the strong widowed women who are fighting day in and day out to earn a livelihood. It was my dream to make this movie so I wrote the script, produced it along with 2 other producers and sent it to all the film festivals. I want the story to be streamed on NETFLIX as then only there will be a change in the societal structure and more people will come forward to help these children and their mothers. Awareness has to be created then only change will happen via the medium of Education. Education is the only RAY OF HOPE which we want to give to the widowed mothers and the children of Sundarbans.


Paris Film Awards Interview

The Victims of Sundarbans is a Documentary Movie which is extremely close to the heart of the script writer Ms. Olivia Dunlop as she has been doing a great deal of Charitable work for the tiger victim widows and their children in Sundarbans. It has taken her 8.5 years to develop the trust and bond between herself and the victims families. Then in 2023 she wrote the original script, screenplay, acted and produced the Documentary Movie.

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